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Seminar „Milestones of Quantum Technology I" (Winter)

  • Dates and Location

Time: Wed. 16-18h, via Zoom (winter 22/23)


Kenncode: 051179

Meeting-ID: 627 7138 6952

Please contact if you like to participate in the course.

  • Learning outcomes:

In this module the basic concepts, applications, and implementations of quantum technology are elaborated and discussed by the participants. The focus is on the understanding of the scientific topics on the basis of research articles. The module promotes independent scientific work in all fields of quantum technologies, with an emphasis on experimental and theoretical quantum optics.

  • Teaching content:

Milestones of Quantum Technology I (winter)

·       Atoms in the vapor phase

·       Semiconductor quantum dots

·       Quantum key distribution

·       Quantum computing with linear optics and trapped ions

Milestones of Quantum Technology II (summer)

·       Parametric conversion

·       Impurities in diamond

·       Elements of nanophotonics

·       Superconducting circuits

·       Metrology

  • Work load and credit points

Time of attendance: 15 x 2 h, preparation time: 15 x 4 h; Total: 45h ~ 3 LP (each)

  • Description of forms of teaching and learning

Exercise with one presentation and discussion per event date. The individual topics are worked out by all students at the hand of a question list.

  • Requirements for participation

The seminar is aimed at master and doctoral students in physics and related disciplines.

  •  Examination

Grading: ungraded; Type of examination: no examination

The successful participation requires active presence during the whole exercise.

  • Duration of the modules:

1 semester each

  • Learning material:

seminar schedule



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