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Publications at DLR

2020 An efficient, tunable, and robust source of narrow-band photon pairs at the Rb D1 line
Roberto Mottola, Gianni Buser, Chris Müller, Tim Kroh, Andreas Ahlrichs, Sven Ramelow, Oliver Benson, Philipp Treutlein, Janik Wolters

Optics Express 28, 3159 (2020)

2019 Slow and fast light behavior of single photons from a quantum dot interacting with the excited state hyperfine structure of the Cesium D1-line
Tim Kroh, Janik Wolters, Andreas Ahlrichs, Andreas W. Schell, Alexander Thoma, Stephan Reitzenstein, Johannes S. Wildmann, Eugenio Zallo, Rinaldo Trotta, Armando Rastelli, Oliver G. Schmidt & Oliver Benson

Scientific Reports  9, 13728 (2019)



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