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Synthetically tailoring diamondoids for semiconductor applications

We aim the preparation of tailor-made functionalized diamondoids (nanometer-sized diamond particles) that will be prepared by both existing and –and this is part of our motivation– new chemical routes. The properties of these new nanodiamond derivatives will be determined together with the spectroscopically and theoretically orientated groups within the research unit. The site-selective synthesis of these pure and uniform compounds challenging because only small quantities of the higher diamondoids are currently available, i.e., they require high-yielding and highly selective approaches. Collaborative mechanistic studies therefore also aim at identifying the role and structures of alkane radical cations as key intermediates in the primary functionalizations of the diamondoids. Our synthetic efforts will first focus on diamondoid thiols from the group of adamantane, diamantane, triamantane, [121]tetramantane, and [1(2,3)4]pentamantane) for the subsequent preparation of metal-hybrid diamondoid clusters, in particular, noble metal clusters. Secondly, we outline the preparation of internally and externally doped diamondoids in form of their (thio)ethers, ketones, and thiones for fluorescence applications. sp2-sp3-Junctions (unsaturated diamondoids) will be prepared (vinyl, alkynyl and aryl derivatives) for probing the electronic properties at the saturation-unsaturation interface that is often made responsible for the unusual properties of sp2-defect sites in diamond.

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