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Excited state properties and spectroscopy of semiconductor nanoparticles

Vibrationally resolved absorption, emission and resonance Raman spectra

Molecular clusters based on carbon and silicon are highly interesting nanomaterials for potential applications in molecular electronics, materials science, medicine, and nano-photonics. Here we aim at the theoretical determination of electronic properties of Si- and C-based semiconductor particles after photoexcitation: their spectroscopic signatures, dynamical fate, and tuning. Using first principles electronic structure theory and time-dependent correlation function techniques, vibronically resolved absorption and emission will be determined. A special focus is on resonance Raman spectra. Correlation function approaches are highly efficient, opening a way towards the theoretical treatment of complex molecular structures. The inclusion of spin-orbit and other non-adiabatic couplings and their influence on spectra and excited state lifetimes is also of interest. The theory will be applied to pristine, mostly however to modified diamondoids including C/Si hybrids. For these species, we wish to design their electronic properties, e.g., fluorescence behaviour, by electronic blending, and provide fundamental understanding of the underlying photophysics.

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