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Spectroscopy of Endohedrally Doped non-IPR Fullerences and M@C60 on a Substrate

An endohedral non-IPR fullerene cluster (La@C44) and its calculated DFT structure.

Endohedrally doped C60 and fullerene clusters with less than 60 atoms, so-called non-IPR fullerenes (i.e. fullerenes which do not obey the Isolated Pentagon Rule), will be produced in a cluster beam and deposited onto a substrate. Within the reseach unit X-ray spectroscopy, STM/STS and resonant Raman spectroscopy will be carried out and compared with theory in order to investigate the electronic structure, vibrational frequency, and structure of doped non-IPR fullerenes. The ultimate goal is to tune the electronic and optical properties by doping. Furthermore we want to compare the measurements on doped fullerenes with metal-clustergraphene hybrids in order to study the effect of dimensionality of the carbon host.

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