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Adsorbate-induced Modification of the Optical and Electronic Properties of Sizeselected Doped Silicon Clusters

Schematic view of the experimental setup (cluster source omitted). A: hexapole ion guide/collision cell and differential pumping stage; B: quadrupole mass filter and ion lens; C: RF quadrupole ion trap with static quadrupole deflectors; D: reflectron time
Lupe [1]

The aim of this project is to tailor the electronic and optical properties of silicon clusters by combining doping and surface modification. The ultimate goal is to arrive at a level of understanding where targeted control of these properties will become feasible. This requires a fundamental investigation of doped silicon clusters and their interaction with adsorbate molecules as well as surface passivation. In close collaboration with experimental and theoretical groups of the research unit we will address these questions across the visible through X-ray photon energy range by applying X-ray photoionization and UV photodissociation spectroscopy, resonant Raman spectroscopy, as well as photoluminescence spectroscopy. These techniques will yield detailed insight into the electronic and geometric properties of surface modified doped silicon clusters.

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Dr. Tobias Lau
HZB / GI-2 / Albert Einstein Straße 15
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Möller
+49 (0)30 314-23712
Hardenbergstr. 36
Raum EW 340
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