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Arbeitsgruppen am IOAP

AG Dopfer [1]

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Otto Dopfer

Lasermolekülspektroskopie und Umweltphysik
The Dopfer group utilizes state-of-the-art spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and quantum chemistry to characterize the geometric, vibrational, and electronic structure and reactivity of molecules, radicals, ions, clusters, and nanoparticles with relevance in a broad range of interdisciplinary fields, including:
• biophysics (molecular recognition, protein hydration, neurotransmitter, chirality)
• intermolecular forces & microsolvation & dynamics
• organic chemistry (reaction mechanisms)
• planetary atmospheres (ions and clusters, condensation)
• plasma processes & combustion (carbocations, silane plasmas)
• astrochemistry (Si- & C-containing ions, diffuse interstellar bands)
• metal-organic and enzyme catalysis
• materials science (C- & Si-nanostructures, metal-organic hybrids) mehr zu: AG Dopfer [2]

AG Eisebitt (TUB/MBI) [13]


Röntgenoptik und Nanometer-Optik
mehr zu: AG Eisebitt (TUB/MBI) [14]

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