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Passive building blocks in SOI-waveguides

Development and optimization of micro resonators as wavelength selective filters and as root element for electro-optic modulators: micro resonators as 1-dimensional photonic crystals (Fig. 1) and micro-resonators with width modulated Bragg mirrors (Fig. 2).



Fig.1: Micro resonator as 1-dim- photonic crystals in silicon waveguides (Fig.: Zelmi, TU Berlin)
Fig. 2: A micro resonator with width modulated Bragg mirror that exhibits very low optical losses and high resonator quality factor (Fig.: Zelmi, TU Berlin)



Meister, S. Al-Saadi, A., Franke, B., Mahdi, S., Szczambura, M., Kuhlow,B., Woggon, U., Zimmermann, L., Richter, H.,Stolarek, D., Schrader, S., Eichler, H. Micro-cavities based on width modulated SOI waveguides, Proc. of SPIE Silicon Photonics VI, 7943, 7943-28; 2011.

Meister, S., Al-Saadi, A., Franke, B. A., Mahdi, S. et al.: Photonic crystal microcavities in SOI waveguides produced in a CMOS environment. Proc. of SPIE Silicon Photonics V, 760616-1; 2010.

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