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Silicon Photonics

Design nanostrukturierter, ultrakompakter, elektro-optischer Modulatoren in SOI-Wellenleitern
(220 nm x 450 nm) an der TU Berlin.

Silicon Photonics deals with the miniaturization of optic and electronic components and allows for the assembly of highly complex integrated photonic circuits. These integrated circuits can be produced using the same facilities and mature process steps as for the production of microelectronic circuits (CMOS). In this way, a cost efficient mass production of chips showing optical and electronic functionalities at the same time can be realized.

During several research projects a variety of passive building blocks as waveguides, micro resonators, and spectral filters as well as active electro-optical components have been developed and characterized. These include Raman lasers, electro-optic modulators, switches and delay generators.
The layouts with the photonic structures have been processed at the facilities of the project partner IHP using their 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS-pilot line with 248 nm DUV lithography on 200 mm SOI wafers and have been characterized afterwards in our workgroup.

Zimmermann, L., Gajda, A., Winzer, G., Richter, H., Voigt, K.,  Meister, S., Rhee, H., Theiss, C., Al-Saadi, A., Franke B., Kupijai, S., Woggon, U., Tillack, B., Petermann, K.,  Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nano-Photonics (IPR), Rio Grande, PuertoRico; 2013

Meister, S., Franke, B., Eichler, H.,, Kupijai, S.,, Al-Saadi, A.,, Zimmermann, L..  Photonic Integrated Circuits for Optical Communication, Optik & Photonik,  7, 2, p.59–62, , DOI: 10.1002/opph.20129


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