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Publikationen Eichler (vor 2011)



Selective ablation of Copper-Indium-Diselenide solar cells monitored by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and classification methods

Diego-Vallejo, David and Ashkenasi, David and Lemke, Andreas and Eichler, Hans Joachim

Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 92-99. 2013

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Calcium dithionate tetrahydrate, CaS2O6⋅4H2O, a novel SRS-active crystal for octave-spanning many-phonon Stokes and anti-Stokes combs

Kaminskii, A and Haussühl, Eiken and Haussühl, S and Lux, Oliver and Hanuza, J and Rhee, Hanjo and Kaltenbach, André and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Yoneda, H and Shirakawa, A and Ueda, Ken-ichi

Laser Physics, 095806. 2013

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Matching p-i-n-junctions and optical modes enables fast and ultra-small silicon modulators

Meister, Stefan and Rhee, Hanjo and Al-Saadi, Aws and Franke, Bülent and Kupijai, Sebastian and Theiss, Christoph and Zimmermann, Lars and Tillack, Bernd and Richter, Harald and Tian, Hui and Stolarek, David and Schneider, Thomas and Woggon, Ulrike and Eichler, Hans Joachim

Optics express, 16210-16221. 2013

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Manifestations of nonlinear optical effects in a novel SRS-active crystal—natural topaz, Al2(F1−x(OH)x)2SiO4: many-phonon χ(3)-lasing, more than sesqui-octave Stokes and anti-Stokes multi-wavelength comb lasing, cascaded and cross-cascaded χ(3)↔χ(3) Raman

Kaminskii, A and Lux, Oliver and Rhee, Hanjo and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Yoneda, H and Shirakawa, A and Ueda, Ken-ichi and Rückamp, Reinhard and Bohatý, L and Becker, P

Laser Physics Letters, 073001. 2013

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Phosgenite, Pb2CO3Cl2- a novel SRS-active crystal

Bohatý, Ladislav and Becker, Petra and Rhee, Hanjo and Kaltenbach, André and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Yoneda, Hitoki and Shirakawa, Akira and Ueda, Ken-ichi and Kaminskii, Alexander

Physica Status Solidi Rapid Research Letters, 429-433. 2013

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Structural modifications of binary lithium silicate glasses upon femtosecond laser pulse irradiation probed by micro-Raman spectroscopy

Seuthe, T. and Grehn, Moritz and Mermillod-Blondin, A. and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Bonse, Jörn and Eberstein, Markus

Optical Materials Express, 755-764. 2013

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Monoclinic LaGaGe2O7:Nd3+ - A novel SRS- and SE-active crystal with high-order Stokes and anti-Stokes picosecond χ(3)-nonlinear lasing

Kaminskii, A and Rhee, Hanjo and Lux, Oliver and Kaltenbach, André and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Hanuza, J and Bagayev, S and Yoneda, H and Shirakawa, A and Ueda, Ken-ichi

Laser Physics Letters, 075803. 2013

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Cerussite, PbCO3 – a new Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS)-active crystal with high-order Stokes and anti-Stokes lasing

Kaminskii, Alexander and Bohatý, Ladislav and Rhee, Hanjo and Kaltenbach, André and Lux, Oliver and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Rückamp, Reinhard and Becker, Petra

Laser & Photonics Reviews 2013

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Tunable single frequency microchip Nd:YAP MOPA laser operating at 1.08 μm

Wang, Xiijuan and Riesbeck, Thomas and Eichler, Hans Joachim

Laser Physics, 045804. 2013

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Substrate Design and Thermal Budget Tuning for Integration of Photonic Components in a High-Performance SiGe:C BiCMOS Process

Knoll, D. and Eichler, Hans Joachim and Heinemann, B. and Lischke, Stefan and Yamamoto, Yuji and Zimmermann, L. and Tillack, B.

ECS Transactions, 297-303. 2013

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