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Publikationen Eichler (vor 2011)



Theoretical and experimental studies of noise suppression for intracavity frequency doubled lasers with phase matching type I or II

Li, D. H. and Zhu, C. H. and Gaebler, V. and Liu, B. N. and Eichler, H. J. and Zhang, Z. G. and Wang, Y. and Li, Z. J. and Qiu, J. L.

Optics Communications, 357-364. 2001

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Diode-pumped self-Q-switched single-frequency 946-nm Nd3+,Cr4+:YAG microchip laser

Lv, L. B. and Wang, L. and Fu, P. M. and Chen, X. B. and Zhang, Z. G. and Gaebler, V. and Li, D. H. and Liu, B. N. and Eichler, H. J. and Zhang, S. W. and Liu, A. H. and Zhu, Z.

Optics Letters, 72-74. 2001

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3D bit-oriented optical storage in photopolymers

Orlic, S. and Ulm, S. and Eichler, H. J.

Journal of Optics A - Pure and Applied Optics, 72-81. 2001

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PLZT ceramics Fabry-Perot interferometers for visible and mid-infrared lasers

Ozolinsh, M. and Eichler, H. J. and Hanstorp, D. and Sun, Y. G. and Wang, Y. E. and Kang, X. Y. and Zhao, H. E.

Ferroelectrics, 603-610. 2001

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Fabrication anti characterization of quasi-phasematched NLO-waveguides using liquid crystalline polymers

Priebe, G. and Kentischer, F. and Kunze, K. and MacDonald, R. and Eichler, H. J.

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 351-359. 2001

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Pulsed solid-state laser system with fiber phase conjugation and 315 W average output power

Riesbeck, T. and Risse, E. and Eichler, H. J.

Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics, 847-849. 2001

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Passive laser Q-switching using a dye-doped liquid-crystalline layer near total internal reflection

Serak, S. V. and Eichler, H. J. and Kovalev, A. A. and Davidovich, T. A.

Optics Communications, 269-280. 2001

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Theoretical and experimental properties of a binary linear beam-splitting element with a large fan angle

Ferstl, Margit and Hermerschmidt, Andreas and Dias, Daniel and Steingrüber, Ralf

Journal of Modern Optics. Taylor & Francis, 2125 - 2139. 2000

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Self-stimulating, transversally diode pumped Nd3+:KGd(WO4)2 Raman laser

Findeisen, J. and Eichler, H. J. and Peuser, P.


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Diode-pumped Ba(NO3)2 and NaBrO3 Raman lasers

Findeisen, J. and Eichler, H. J. and Peuser, P. and Kaminskii, A. A. and Hulliger, J.

Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics, 159-162. 2000

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