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Publikationen Eichler (vor 2011)



Domain Structure Studies in Phases of Bent-Shaped Molecules by Spatially Resolved Second Harmonic Microscopy

Morales-Saavedra, Omar and Bulat, M. and Rauch, S. and Heppke, G.

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals. Taylor & Francis, 607 - 616. 2004

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Narrow-bandwidth high-power output of a laser diode array with a simple external cavity

Wang, F. and Hermerschmidt, A. and Eichler, H. J.

Optics Communications, 135-139. 2003

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Low mode-locking saturation intensity of co-doped Nd3+,Cr4+:YAG crystal as saturable absorber

Yang, L. and Feng, B. and Zhang, Z. and Gaebler, V. and Liu, B. and Eichler, H. J.

Optical Materials, 59-63. 2003

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Influence of energy-transfer upconversion effect on the pulse in diode-pumped Cr:YAG passively Q-switched lasers

Yang, L. and Huang, W. L. and Qiu, J. L. and Feng, B. H. and Zhang, Z. G. and Gaebler, V. and Liu, B. N. and Eichler, H. J.

Acta Physica Sinica, 2471-2475. 2003

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Highly efficient 1.3-µm second-Stokes PbWO4 Raman laser

Gad, G. M. A. and Eichler, H. J. and Kaminskii, A. A.

Optics Letters, 426-428. 2003

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Achieving single-lobed far-field patterns of broad area laser diode with external cavity feedback

Ge, Jianhong and Chen, Jun and Hermerschmidt, Andreas and Eichler, H. J.

Chinese Optics Letters. OSA, 334-336. 2003

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Yb:KYW microchip laser with self-frequency Raman conversion

Grabtchikov, A. S. and Kuzmin, A. N. and Lisinetskii, V. A. and Orlovich, V. A. and and Voitovich, A. P. and Demidovich, A. A. and Eichler, H. J. and Titov, A. N.

Quantum Electronics, 165-167. 2003

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New data on the physical properties of Y3Al5O12-based nanocrystalline laser ceramics

Kaminskii, A. A. and Akchurin, M. S. and Alshits, V. I. and Ueda, K. and Takaichi, K. and Lu, J. and Uematsu, T. and Musha, M. and Shirikawa, A. and Gabler, V. and Eichler, H. J. and Yagi, H. and Yanagitani, T. and Bagayev, S. N. and Fernandez, J. and Balda, R.

Crystallography Reports, 515-519. 2003

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Nonlinear (chi(2)+chi(3)) effects in novel borate crystal LiGeBO4 under picosecond laser excitation: high-order Stokes and anti-Stokes generation and self-sum-frequency mixing

Kaminskii, A. A. and Becker, P. and Bohatý, L. and Bagaev, S. N. and Eichler, H. J. and Ueda, K. and Hanuza, J. and Rhee, H. and Yoneda, H. and Takaichi, K. and Terashima, I. and Maczka, M.

Laser Physics, 1385-1398. 2003

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