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Multi-wavelength quasi-continuous wave all-solid-state system based on Raman lasers

Vodchits, Alexander I. and Busko, Dmitry N. and Orlovich, Valentin A. and Lisinetskii, Viktor A. and Grabtchikov, Alexander S. and Apanasevich, Pavel A. and Eichler, Hans J.

International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies 2007: Advanced Lasers and Systems. SPIE, 10. 2007

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Quasi-continuous wave solid-state Raman laser system generating 22 lines from the ultraviolet to near infrared

Vodchits, A. I. and Busko, D. N. and Orlovich, V. A. and Lisinetskii, V. A. and Grabtchikov, A. S. and Apanasevich, P. A. and Eichler, H. J.

CLEO/Europe and IQEC 2007 Conference Digest. Optical Society of America, CA_20. 2007

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Passively mode-locked 942nm Nd:GSAG laser and continuous-wave 471nm blue laser

Zhang, Chunyu and Zhang, Ling and Li, Dehua and He, Kunna and Xu, Changwen and Wang, Zhaohua and Wei, Zhiyi and Zhang, Zhiguo and Eichler, H. J. and Gao, Chunqing

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Pacific Rim 2007. Optical Society of America, ThB2_5. 2007

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Internal defect localization in 980 nm ridge waveguide lasers

Diaz, L. and Eichler, H. J. and Weich, K. and Klehr, A. and Zeimer, U.

Reliability of Optical Fiber Components, Devices, Systems, and Networks III. SPIE, 10. 2006

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Efficient laser systems for 935 and 942 nm for water vapor lidar

Eichler, Hans Joachim and Kallmeyer, Frank and Rhee, Hanjo and Riesbeck, Thomas and Strohmaier, Stephan

XVI International Symposium on Gas Flow, Chemical Lasers, and High-Power Lasers. SPIE, 8. 2006

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Report on European COST action P8: materials and systems for optical data storage and processing

Eichler, H. J. and Toal, V.

Holography 2005: International Conference on Holography, Optical Recording, and Processing of Information. SPIE, 6. 2006

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Transmitter Technologies for Space Born Water Vapor DIAL Systems in the 940 nm Region

Kallmeyer, Frank and Strohmaier, Stefan G. and Rhee, Hanjo and Hermerschmidt, Andreas and Riesbeck, Thomas and Eichler, Hans J. and Nikolov, Susanne and Treichel, Rainer

Advanced Solid-State Photonics (TOPS). Optical Society of America, TuB2. 2006

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Power transmission limits of different glass fibers with antireflective coating

Meister, St. and Theiss, C. and Scharfenorth, Ch. and Eichler, H. J.

Reliability of Optical Fiber Components, Devices, Systems, and Networks III. SPIE, 10. 2006

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Sol-gels for optical sensors - proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Optical Chemical Sensors, Erice, Italy, 29 July - 10 August 2004

Podbielska, H. and Ulatowska-Jarza, A. and Müller, G. and Eichler, H. J.

Optical chemical sensors. Springer, 353-385. 2006

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