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Nonlinear Optics

Lupe [1]


The group’s research is focused on fundamentals and applications of nonlinear and quantum optical phenomena in a great variety of new and innovative materials, e.g. semiconductor quantum dots, sub-monolayer grown quantum structures, colloidal nanospheres, nanorods and nanoplatelets, hybrid 0D-2D structures, complex materials of metallic, magnetic and dielectric nanostructures, silicon-based materials, optical fibers, doped laser crystals, organic molecules etc.

Our research is funded by

Lupe [2]


  • SFB 787 Halbleiternanophotonik [3] - TP A7 Coherent and incoherent dynamics in quantum dot – semiconductor optical amplifiers (QD-SOA) and novel gain media  
  • GRK 1558 Nonequilibrium collective dynamics in condensed matter and biological systems [4] - TP A5 Collective carrier dynamics in spatially and spectrally inhomogeneous environment
  • OSIMPS Optische Schichttechnologien für innovative Materialien und Strukturen der Photonik (EFRE) [5]
  • Two-dimensional CdSe nanoplatelets of magic thickness (DFG) [6]

Prof. Woggon

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ulrike Woggon
+49(0)30 314-78921
Room ER 197
e-mail query [7]

Prof. Eichler

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Joachim Eichler
+49(0)30 314-22498
Room ER 193
e-mail query [8]

Sekretariat ER 1-1

Patrycja Ibendorf
+49-(0)30-314 21699
Ernst-Ruska Gebäude
Room ER 198
e-mail query [9]
Website [10]
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