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PyTEM is a Python based TEM simulation and processing toolkit.


  • Multislice calculations
  • Blochwave calculations
  • Howie-Whelan-Basinski calculations
  • Geometry based sample properties (e.g. strain from FEM calculations)
  • Fitting of simulation parameters to experimental images
  • Many import/export filters: e.g. DM3, HDF5, TDF, EMD (partially), EMS, JEMS (partially), VTK (partially)
  • Parallel execution on SMP system

For details please contact:


Holoaverage is a Python program for the reconstruction and averaging of series of off-axis electron holograms recorded in a transmission electron microscope. The averaging is performed iteratively, such that instabilities of the microscope, like specimen and biprism drifts, can be tracked and corrected between consecutive exposures.

Details of the averaging procedure can be found in the accompanying paper:

T. Niermann, M. Lehmann
Averaging scheme for atomic resolution off-axis electron holograms
Micron 63 (2014) 28 - 34
DOI: 10.1016/j.micron.2014.01.008

HDF5 Plugin for DigitalMicrograph

This is a plugin allowing to read and write HDF5 files under DigitalMicrograph by Gatan Inc. The plugin provides functions to be called from the DigitalMicrograph scripting language.


The temscript module provides a Python wrapper for the scripting of FEI microscopes (Tecnai & Titan). Additionally it provides a HTTP-based interface for remote scripting.

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