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Electron Microscopy Building

The entrance to the building TEM.

State-of-the-art electron microscopy requires a disturbance-free environment. In particular, electro-magnetic stray-fields, vibrations, temperature variations, noise, and air flow have to be minimized. In the heart of Berlin's City West, this is a true challenge and can only be achieved with a specially constructed building. This building is located on the northern TU Campus. Here are a few facts:

  • 700 m2 ground floor
  • 580 m2 effective area
  • house-in-house construction
  • 4 identical electron microscope rooms
  • temperature stability better than 0.1°C / 30 min in all four microscope rooms and in the microscope periphery space
  • extremely quiet air condition with a slow air flow velocity
  • very low electro-magnetic stray-fields
  • very low vibrations due to special construction of the foundation
  • inauguration in October 2011.

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