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Helmholtz Research School on Security Technologies

Civil security research is an exceptionally broad academic field that covers many disciplines. It ranges from the natural sciences and engineering to the humanities and the social sciences. Recognizing the importance of this field, DLR and Technische Universität (TU) Berlin decided in 2010 to establish a joint postgraduate school offering a well-structured doctoral programme in Civil Security, the “Helmholtz Research School on Security Technologies“. It is the first dedicated, interdisciplinary doctoral course in Civil Security Studies. The programme is sponsored by the Helmholtz Association’s Initiative and Networking Fund. 

Up to 25 doctoral students from inside and outside of Germany can attend the “Helmholtz Research School on Security Technologies“ and engage in Civil Security research. The post-graduate programme was set up jointly by DLR and Technische Universität Berlin. They come from a large variety of academic backgrounds: from physics to engineering to the social sciences. Their academic work is interdisciplinary; the topics worked on range from holographic security codes to high-resolution cameras, to optical navigation; from the secure use of consumer electronics, mobiles and smartphones to terahertz technology applications such as body scanners. Other doctoral theses address the social-science aspect of Civil Security.

In addition to working on their academic subject matter the highly talented young scientists on the three-year course also receive tuition in professional and interpersonal skills. As an integral part of the curriculum, students also learn about the overarching aspects of security research, such as security processes and structures, as well as the fundamental ethical, economic and legal implications of security solutions. Cooperation with public institutions, end users and industry is to provide students with a wide variety of viewpoints on the subject. Besides its pursuit of excellent research findings, the post-graduate programme aims to heighten the students’ awareness of the social dimension of civil security. (more)


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