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Terahertz- und Laser Spectroscopy


Workgroup of Prof. Dr. Michael Gensch

Modern optical spectroscopy techniques enable to study physical processes and phenomena on atomic length and ultra-short time scales. At the same time complex procedures such as the epitaxial growth of semiconductors or the operation of large scale accelerators can be monitored and optical spectroscopy plays an important role for our understanding of fundamental mechanisms such as the evolution of the universe.

Instrumentation development of novel (laser-based) spectroscopic techniques, tailor-made for specific applications in diverse areas such as material science, accelerator diagnostic or for the use on robotic systems for the exploration of the solar system are the main focus of the group's research.

The Workgroup is associated with the department of Terahertz- and Laser Spectroscopy at the DLR Institute of Optical Sensor Systems in Berlin Adlershof.



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