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Nanomagnetism and Data Storage

X-ray holographic images of the magnetization switching in a nanopatteerned array of 80 nm squares covered by a magnetic multilayer with perpendicular anisotropy. The circular field of view is 1.5 micometer in diameter. Top left: SEM image.

We investigate the structure-function relationship in magnetic multilayers and nanopatterned magnetic entities via magneto-optics in the visible and x-ray spectral range. Modern magnetic devices such as GMR sensors in hard drives or magnetic storage media consist of complex assemblies of thin magnetic films. At the heart of their functionality lie magnetic coupling phenomena such as oscillatory interlayer exchange coupling, exchange bias or magnetostatic effects. X-rays provide an element specific view into such systems. Currently, much of our reserach is focussed on the magnetic switching behavior of nanopatterned magnetic materials and magnetostatic interactions in such nano-arrays.



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